Our Story


From Aggie Land to Gujarat to Houston 

After graduating from Texas A&M in 2014 (whoop!), I moved to a small city in India called Surat. It is the diamond hub of the world – 9 out of 10 diamonds cut and polished in the world hail from India and 75% of all these diamonds are manufactured in Surat. I began training in a well-known factory there under the tutelage of skilled artisans. I learned the ins and outs of diamond manufacturing by using cutting edge technology and modern techniques to extract maximum value from each rough diamond.

Subsequently, I moved to Mumbai for a year where I trained in a jewelry factory. This time I learned the process of gold jewelry manufacturing. I learned to cast metals, set diamonds, resize rings, and most importantly, how to design some really unique jewelry. Upon my return to Houston, I was still unsure of what I was going to do.

As my own friends were slowly getting engaged or married, I realized a few things:

1) Engagement rings are always in demand.
2) Millennials would rather spend money on experiences.
3) Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular.

I knew then that I had to use my family history and my own experiences to create something new – a brand that could provide high-quality diamonds & custom jewelry at wholesale prices. Thus, Privosa was born.

Privosa is an online shop where customers can easily sift through a collection of over 100,000+ natural, conflict-free, GIA graded diamonds & simultaneously design an engagement ring to hold the diamond they choose. Our curated inventory is one of a kind, yet diverse enough to ensure that we can adapt to ever-changing trends in the industry.

A diamond represents more than just love. It symbolizes prosperity, endurance, and perseverance. We want your diamond to remain meaningful to you and your significant other, so we guarantee that you will always be provided with the best products at the lowest prices. Our long-standing passion for precious jewel design is visibly etched into every piece of jewelry we make, exemplifying what it means to be considered creators of the finest jewelry.

Sometimes when making a large purchase like an engagement ring, we feel more comfortable talking to a live person, rather than a chat box. Privosa also has a physical presence in the Galleria area where we take custom orders & meet with clients in person. Call today to make an appointment. Just ask for Parth!

For Privosa, Houston is Home. We take great pride in our community- using southern values as guiding principals in all that we do. 

Thank you for shopping with us and joining our journey.