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10 Engagement Ring Mistakes That Almost Every Guy Makes

by Parth Jhaveri |

10 Engagement Ring Mistakes That Almost Every Guy Makes

You are preparing for a moment that will change your life forever in a matter of seconds. You are finally ready to pop the infamous question, but there is an important step you have to make first, and it should not be taken lightly. Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your future bride is not an easy task, but our team at Privosa is eager to help you avoid the many common mistakes almost every other guy makes. Continue reading on to be even better prepared!

  • Not Doing Your Research. Take a peek into her own jewelry collection to get a better feel for her style. Talk to her close friends to learn what she will love.
  • Guessing Her Ring Size. Getting her a ring in the wrong size is a quick way to break her heart. Try sneaking her another one of her rings to get sized.
  • Ring Shopping During Engagement Season. Looking for the ring in advance is the best way to get a good deal. Take the time to find the perfect one.
  • Ignoring the Diamond Cut. Look for a diamond that is GIA or AGS certified that will determine the cut grade.
  • Not Meeting a Specialist. Let a professional help you through the process and get you a stunning custom ring.
  • Not Planning Your Budget. Make sure every detail goes into your final price. This includes the setting, diamond, and manufacturing.
  • Forgetting to Cover Your Tracks. If you want your proposal to be a surprise, then make sure you are searching online on a private browsing window and hide receipts.
  • Not Insuring the Ring. After you have invested in the perfect ring it would be a tragedy if it were to be misplaced down the road. Don’t forget to insure the ring!
  • Searching Endlessly for the Perfect Diamond. It may take months to find a perfectly flawless ring. Instead, try looking into incorporating smaller diamonds to the ring.
  • Forgetting the Wedding Band. Engagement rings can be made to match a band for your future bride.

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