3 Holiday Proposal Ideas

Each year the holiday season brings families and friends together to share joy, love and of course, gifts! Wanting to give your special someone the best gift of all this holiday? Why not grab a bit of mistletoe and surprise them with a romantic, holiday marriage proposal? If you are looking for some great holiday proposal ideas, you’re in luck. Here are three holiday proposal ideas from Privosa:

1. The Christmas Gift Proposal

This holiday proposal idea is a pretty traditional one which involves presenting the engagement ring to your loved one as a holiday gift. How exactly you prepare the engagement ring is up to you. Some prefer to place the ring inside of another gift or use a larger box so that your partner won’t expect what it is. Another way is to place the ring box inside of their stocking below other little gifts. You could also hide the ring somewhere on the tree and propose as they notice it. Ultimately the way you propose should be special to you and your loved one.

2. The Family Gathering Proposal

During the holiday season, it is extremely common to have family gatherings and meals. This can be the perfect opportunity to include family in the proposal or make sure everyone is present. If you or your loved ones have children, letting them get involved can be very exciting and make them feel included. Others prefer to include some or both of the families altogether; it really just depends on your relationship and how close the families are.

3. The Christmas Carol Proposal

The holiday season often brings about groups traveling around to perform Christmas carols and spread holiday cheer. Although it may be a bit difficult to sporadically convince a group of carolers to sing to your future spouse, planning can make it work!

Most high schools have a group that performs Christmas carols; you may call around and ask to speak to their choir director. You can request to hire the group to perform specifically at your door. Churches are another place you may be able to hire a group of carolers; just call around to see.

To make it extra special, request a specific song that is special to the two of you; as they begin to sing, you can get down on one knee and pop the question.

Thinking of popping the question this holiday season? At Privosa you can design your own engagement ring, allowing you to customize it exactly to your loved one’s liking. Not only will they be blown away by your holiday proposal, but you can also give them a ring they’ve always dreamed of!