4 Popular Trends for Modern Engagement Rings

The day of your engagement will be one of the most memorable moments of your entire life. Videos and photos will capture the moment forever for you to reflect on for the rest of your life, and of course, the ring that you used to propose. The type of ring you choose is an important one. It can be a decision of a lot of pressure. Whether you are trying to choose for yourself or someone else, we hope we can take off some of that pressure by filling you in on some of the popular engagement ring trends today.

A Modern Twist
A couple twists on modern engagement rings are very interesting and still unique. One of these is the upside-down engagement ring. This is where the center stone is suspended from the bottom of the band rather than being mounted directly in the middle, leaving the stone hanging off dramatically.

Oval Centerpieces
Oval centerpieces, however not traditional, are becoming extremely popular. They are brilliant cut like most diamonds but just different enough to catch the eye and give it a unique spin.

Magnificent Moissanite
Many couples today are deciding that a diamond just isn’t important to them and they are opting for something different. There are many alternative stones, but when it comes to one that still has the beauty, brilliance, and clarity like a diamond but is much more affordable, the moissanite stone is perfect.

Unique Band Shapes
The circle band is the one thing that almost every engagement ring has had in common for centuries. Today, many couples are tossing it to the wayside in exchange for a more unique band chape. Open, chevron, and square bands are quickly gaining traction on the traditional circle band.

Hopefully, these suggestions are enough to get you pointed in the right direction or give you a little inspiration!