A Quick Guide to Diamond Cuts

Finding the perfect diamond can be daunting. Perfection is what we are all seeking for an engagement ring considering that it symbolizes forever. It is great to know what diamond cut you are interested in when you go searching for that ideal ring. That way the other aspects of diamond hunting,clarity, color, and carats, can have your entire focus. You don't want to just go in blind.

Here is a quick guide to choosing the best center stone for the ring that you want and the effect you are looking for.  Just answer a few questions to ask yourself: Are you looking for a classic style or something more trendy? How much shine are you looking for? Is size the most important? Are you considering a gemstone instead of the traditional diamond? Those are all factors to consider when deciding on the best diamond cut for you.

  • Round Brilliant:
  • This is by far the most popular shape because it returns the most amount of light due to its Ideal facet pattern. The circle shaped diamond effortlessly shines. This is a classic look meaning it will never go out of style
  • Oval:
  • Similar to the shape of Round Brilliant, Ovals give off a great deal of sparkle. However this cut is a much more modern shape. This modern cut is great for someone looking for a more trendy aesthetic.
  • Princess:

    As the second most popular shape, Princess cuts also return light in a similar fashion to a Brilliant. Due to their square shape buyers tend to get more bag for there buck because during to diamond cutting process the princess cut creates significantly less waste

  • Emerald:
  • The Emerald cut is referred to as a step-cut because it features long, open facets that resemble steps. This cut gets it's name from the emerald gemstone that would typically use this cut to show the gorgeous deep green color exhibited in an emerald. This shape is similar to a rectangle. Tends to be a pricier cut.
  • Pear:
  • This is a unique shape that gives the wearer is a modern style. This cut is often seen in halo settings. It is known to have a slenderizing effect on fingers due to its tapered end and can be flattering to short fingers.
  • Cushion:
  • The Cushion is a modern interpretation of Princess. It features a square silhouette with has rounded corners which give it a pillow-like appearance. The facets of this cut are larger that the round cut making it less sparkly
  • Heart:
  • The ultimate symbol of romance is a heart. The unique shape of the heart cut is feminine and probably the height romance. This make this cut a top contender when it comes to engagement rings. It is commonly seen in studs and engagement rings in a solitaire setting. This cut is best is higher carat weights because so much detail goes into the design.
  • Marquise:
  • Similar to Pear, the Marquise cut also has a slenderizing effect on the fingers. This cut elongated corners make it appear larger making it a great choice for anyone who wants larger diamonds but may have a smaller budget.  
  • Asscher:
  • This cut was made popular in the 20th century, also seen in a lot of Art Deco jewelry. The history of this cut make it great for a vintage aesthetic. Also known as a step-cut, the Asscher cut features longer facets which give it a staircase appearance. It flashes long lines of sparkle, instead of the typical all-over sparkle.
  • Trillion:
  • Although it looks similar to the shape of a triangle, the Trillion shape features rounded edges that give it a smooth finish, popular in modern designs. This cut is often used as side stones but can also be used as a center stone to create a unique custom engagement ring.
  • Radiant:
  • Rounded like a Cushion cut with facets like a Princess cut, the Radiant sparkles brilliantly. Is is great as a center stone and gives rings a sophisticated look.

There are so many options that it call all be overwhelming. That is why it is great to have some quick knowledge to know where to begin. For more in depth education you can also contact our Privosa Concierge to help create your custom engagement ring and they will help you with every detail ensure you make an informed decision that you walk away happy with.