For Brides Who Dare to Be Different: Colored Stones

Many women spend countless hours imagining their future wedding and planning out every detail, including the perfect engagement ring. Privosa has an incredible collection of unique engagement rings, in addition to colored stones. Colored stones are the perfect way to make your ring stand out! With so many different stones to choose from, selecting the best one for your personality isn’t an easy task. Read on to learn about a few colored stone options.

  • Aquamarine stones are named after the sea for their beautiful blue color. Typically, a deeper blue color will have a higher price to match.
  • Citrine has a deep orange look that can vary to yellows and reds. More carats will not mean a higher price for citrine stones and any flaws or blemishes will be less pricey. 
  • Colored diamonds come in a wide range of colors. Price depends on the rarity and strength of each option.
  • Emerald stones are a dramatic option. The price depends on cut, clarity, and carat weight. 
  • Garnet stones come in a wide range of color options making it a unique option. The price will vary with each color. 
  • Moonstones are a sheen stone that represents good luck and lasting love. Inclusions are common and often affects pricing.
  • Morganite stones are known as the pink emerald and are a less flashy option. 
  • Opals are a vibrant stone that holds a world of color and are totally unique to each stone option. 
  • Peridot stones are found in meteorites and are a bright green shade. 
  • Ruby stones are a fiery red, yet often expensive stone.
  • Sapphires are a royal stone that can be found with a wide range of color options.
  • Topaz has a rainbow of colors, allowing for a truly unique ring.