How to Choose the Best Metal for Your Engagement Ring

When deciding on an engagement ring the center stone is often thought of as being the most important part. While that is probably going to be the part of the ring that gets most of the attention It must be said that it is equally just as important, if not more important, to chose the right metal and metal color especially when it comes to your engagement ring. You want want to make sure you are picking a metal that it both flattering and durable enough to wear daily. You don't want to pick a metal that ages poorly. How do you do that, you ask? By picking a metal that can endure as much wear as you need and by choosing a color that is flattering for your skin tone.

Common types of metal:


This metal is very soft making it a bad choice for everyday wear. Silver is great for fashion jewelry is it helps keep the cost down and the metal is rather shiny. Although not the best metal for engagement rings is it great for the occasional wear.


Yellow Gold

If you looking for a yellow metal gold will be your best bet. Besides the aesthetics this precious metal is one of the most popular for good reason. Gold is a sturdy option for engagement rings and other everyday wear jewelry. It is slightly softer than Platinum but doesn't scratch as easily.


White Gold

If you are looking for a white metal but still want gold you can opt for white gold. If you decide to go with white gold be aware that after sometime it may become discolored after some of the rhodium plating has worn off. This is still a sturdy material but wear and tear could alter the color. You can simply get it plated again down the road. You will end up with a yellowish tinge and not that shiny white that you once had.


Rose Gold

This metal made popular by it's pink hue is still in fact gold. The jeweler can determine the color by what he adds in. Rose gold is usually more durable thanks to the copper in the gold mixture. Cost may also be less expensive because of the mixed metals. Rose gold is also consider to be romantic because of it's pinkish hue.



This is the top tier metal. It has taken the crown and is the choice used by most luxury brands.It's the most expensive, the most dense, and the most durable. The metal is perfect for engagement rings and everyday wear. This metal will protect the precious diamond you spent a great deal of money on. It's strength makes it least likely that prongs will bend or break. This makes this metal a top contender when spending money on a ring that has a pricey diamond at center stage.



Palladium is ten times rarer than Platinum. This is one of the strongest metals worn in jewelry making it a great choice for an engagement ring, that's typically worn daily. This sturdy metal will help to keep your diamonds and gemstones in place. With softer metals we worry a little about the shifting of the prongs that hold the diamond securely in place.


Another factor to consider when decided which metal type and color you want is which metal color looks best against your skin. 




That may be a little easier to figure out. It's all about undertones. The best way to check your undertones is to look at the veins in your wrist. If they are green you have warm undertones. If they are blue you have cool undertones. For both skin tones different metals looks best.

If you are a cool tone silver, white gold, and platinum will look best against your skin.

If you are a warm tone yellow gold and rose gold will look best against your skin.

Some people are actually a mix between the two skin tones and are able to look great in all metal colors. Lucky them!

The great thing is that diamonds looks great with any metal. A diamond is always a safe choice when you decide on what type of band you want to use to create an engagement ring. However if you are looking for a different kind of gem stone you might want to consider the color of the stone when thinking about the metal you choose.


This often overlooked step is very important to the longevity of the engagement ring you decide to design. Taking the time to pick out every small detail of an engagement ring will make it all the more special. Hopefully all the detail will make that special person love it that much more.