When Should I Buy My Wedding Ring?

There are so many decisions to make once you are engaged, the process can be overwhelming. While setting a timeline, booking a venue, researching photographers and florists, you also must consider when to buy your wedding bands.

It is easy to simply walk into a jewelry store or search online for basic gold or silver wedding rings, but most couples prefer to buy rings that reflect their commitment, individuality and personal style. To make the process easier, start with some advanced preparation before settling on your ring purchases.

  • Start Your Search as Soon As Possible

Whether you plan to get married quickly, or prefer a long engagement, save yourself any disappointment or unnecessary anxiety by starting your wedding ring search early. Browse the many materials, designs and styles available and consider the pros and cons of each.
Before anything, determine your budget. A high-quality ring doesn’t have to drain your savings. If you give yourself time and shop wisely, you can budget accordingly and get the wedding bands you desire.

  • Ask About Wait Times When Working with Custom Jewelers

Also consider, if you want to have a ring custom made, you may be put on an extensive waiting list. If your wedding date is at peak time, you can expect an even longer wait, so start your search as soon as possible.

  • Allow Time for Resizing and Inscriptions

By allowing plenty of time, you will also be able to have your wedding rings resized if need be or inscribed. Be sure to always hold on to the receipts, especially if you make your purchases early.

  • Out of Time? Consider an Inexpensive First Ring

If you and your love are having a shotgun or last-minute wedding, your ring maker went out of business, or you just waited too long to look for rings, no worries. Try not to jump into anything too costly, instead consider something like the affordable 3-stone slant gents band with a 1/10 CT TW for him and the diamond studded prong set band for her with a 1/7 CT TW. Both elegant and modern rings have a totally unique look. Available in 10K white, yellow or rose gold, the two wedding bands are available together for under $600.
These quality Privosa wedding bands are an attractive and affordable option, making them a great last-minute wedding ring solution. Feel at ease knowing you didn’t settle on a high-priced ring you didn’t love, but still have a quality band to exchange at the ceremony. You can also upgrade to the wedding bands of your dreams after the honeymoon.