10 Things Nobody Tells You About Buying Engagement Rings

The odds of finding the perfect diamond ring may seem to mimic the likelihood of discovering a four-leaf clover in a dense field. Although the occasion is joyous, the shopping process can be quite grueling. Here are some helpful tips.

Things to Know About Ring Shopping

There are some things you will need to learn on your own, but there are other helpful hints that have been passed on from the experiences of others.

  • You'll Listen Intently Anytime She Talks About Jewelry: The jewelry discussions will instantly take an interesting turn once you decide to propose marriage. Take note of any possible hints, from comments about a friend’s vintage style ring, to what she has so subtly pinned on her future bride Pinterest board. If you have already talked about matrimony, plan a time to casually browse engagement rings together.
  • Asking for Permission Will Feel Awkward: There is no way around it, asking your love’s parents for permission to merge with their daughter, is as awkward as it gets. It doesn’t matter how long you have known her family. But, doing so is the utmost display of appreciation and respect for your future in-laws.
  • You'll Want to Talk to Other Guys Who've Gone Through It Before: Consult with friends who have been engaged. Ask them for advice and recommendations for quality jewelers. You may find it helpful to take an experienced buddy with you ring shopping to offer advice and provide support.
  • You'll Also Feel the Need to Consult Her Friends: Now, the gift giving process is often hit or miss. Sometimes you are right on the button, but on other occasions, not so much. This is the time to hit the target sharp in the middle. To score some major brownie points, confide in your partner’s best friend, or someone else close to her. Gather information about what she is thinking. Is there a design that caught her eye in a magazine ad or on a TV commercial? Your girl’s close friends will likely love to accompany you ring shopping.
  • You Might Not Want to Buy Her Exactly What She Wants: Never assume that only the thought or the effort counts. That is so untrue when it comes to choosing the right engagement ring. Leave your thoughts, tastes, and opinions at the door and think only about what will make your love light up. She will be wearing the ring, not you.
  • All Diamonds Look the Same at First: You might be captivated by the first, sparkling diamond you see. It is shiny, reflective and beautiful. Don’t give in to the temptation to whip out the credit card and consider the task done. Take your time, shop around and ask a lot of questions. Not all diamonds are created equal.
  • Learning The 4Cs Is Like Studying for An Exam: Understand the 4Cs when purchasing a diamond: cut, carat, clarity, and color. All of these features should be considered before making a final decision. Not doing so is like buying an expensive luxury car with a faulty engine, torn interior, and a rusted body.
  • Going Custom Will Sound Complicated and Expensive (But It's Not): Although it is easier, you don’t have to settle for a ready-made diamond ring. You can purchase the stone and set separately and create your own masterpiece. A custom ring doesn’t have to mean costlier. It is just another option.
  • Your Budget Will Be Tested: Buying a diamond ring is a hefty investment, it will cost you plenty regardless of your budget. Be prepared to be pressured to pay more, even if you are set on sticking with a price limit. If boosting the cost means stealing from Peter to pay Paul, put on the breaks. Shop around and look for a better option.
  • You'll Be Exhausted by the Time It's Time to Plan the Proposal: Once all the research, all the shopping and the purchase is done, it is time to plan that memorable proposal. This final step is just as important as the ring selection, so give it you all. Put some thought into it, it doesn’t have to be a grand display but comes up with a special plan that will turn her to mush.