5 Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride wants to have the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, there are a few classic hairdos that look good on almost every bride. Here are 5 of the best wedding hairstyles for any wedding theme.


The chignon is a beautiful, elegant bridal hairstyle that’s very versatile. This updo is characterized by a knot, usually lower on the head or at the base of the neck. This style would work for a variety of wedding themes, as you could play it sleek and traditional or make it look a little more undone for a pretty, messy look.

Side Braid

A side braid is a great take on a braided hairstyle that’s guaranteed to look great in your wedding photos. You can keep the braid simple or dress it up by twisting flowers or hair pins into the plait. You could also experiment with using a fishtail braid versus a traditional three-strand braid for a different kind of look.

Romantic Curls

There are so many gorgeous wedding hairstyles that start with loose, romantic curls. You can wear your hair down with a pretty barrette or use the curls as a base for a detailed updo. Curls add life and volume to the hair instantly and work with almost any style.


If you don’t want to commit to a full updo, a half-up style is an easy way to keep your hair out of your face on your big day. This style works with long or short hair, as there are any number of ways to wear your hair half-up.

Ballerina Bun

This classic style is anything but boring when you dress it up with shimmering hair pins. You can make this as sleek or undone as you want by either using gel to slick hair into place or teasing your hair for a voluminous bun.

The best way to find a wedding hairstyle you love is to experiment on your own with looks that seem interesting to you. Your hairdresser will know how to arrange the more detailed parts, but getting a general idea before you go is as easy as playing around with your hair in front of the mirror first!