Asscher Cut Diamonds Are Trending!

Engagement ring trends seem to evolve often. You never know which style is suddenly going to come back into style and be the hot go to look for an engagement ring. There are many classic styles that come back in vogue, but manufacturers also look to create new and unique options for their clients. Some of the classic and very popular cuts include: Round, Princess, Brilliant, Emerald, Oval, Heart, Pear, Marquise and…Asscher! Asscher cuts are making a huge come back after being a cut of choice in ancient times.

History of the Asscher Cut Diamond

It’s developer, Joseph Asscher, worked on this cut in the early 20th century while owning the Amsterdam based Asscher Diamond Company. King Edward VII also hired him to cut a gigantic Cullinan diamond for the crown jewels. The diamond was 3,106 carats…so no pressure or anything!

The most famous Asscher cut diamond was worn by Elizabeth Taylor. It was purchased in 1968 for $305,000 and would eventually be referred to as just the “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond” instead of its actual name: The Krupp Diamond.

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

The popularity of the Asscher cut stems from the appealing vintage glamour with a modern twist. It has become popular with some Hollywood celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba which has helped aid the renaissance of this diamond cut.

It is a stepped diamond with 58 facets. The 4 cropped corners and long step-cut facets lend nicely to a “hall of mirrors” illusion when viewed from above. Asscher diamond rings have the wonderful balance of elegance and beauty that everyone strives for. The subtle differences in the style are wonderful for many types of brides from contemporary to fancy to classic. The Asscher cut is a wonderful option for many brides!