Cool Ways to Personalize an Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is a very sentimental thing. Arguably the most important piece of jewelry that anyone could own. For that reason now more than ever people look for new and inventive ways to make that important piece of jewelry personalized by incorporating various stones, shapes, and dates amongst other things. While the classic solitaire diamond ring will never go out of style, unique personal touches on engagement rings have definitely become a trend. If you've been pondering ways to add a little touch of your personality to your wedding or engagement ring here are a few options for you.







A great way to shake up the typical engagement ring selection is to use a colored gemstone as the center stone. A popular stone choice is a birthstone of the person who will be wearing the ring. It could also be cute if it were the birthstone of the partner they will marry. Another option is to use their favorite color to find a great choice for the gemstone. If you in fact happen to be a big spender you might want to go after a rare colored diamond. This option will be a little more costly because of the rarity of colored diamonds but if you can manage it might be a great option that your significant other will love.







We all know that Kate Middleton has the great honor of wearing the late Princess Diana's old engagement ring. How lucky is she? Using a ring, diamond, or gemstone that's been in the family for a long time is a great way to include sentiment into your engagement ring. You could reset the diamond in granny's old wedding ring. You could take the stone from your mother's engagement ring and create a new ring all together. The options are unlimited. Just the idea of using materials that have been passed down through your family could bring a tear to her eyes. 






Engraved Band

A great way to personalize your engagement ring is to engrave it. The options are immense here. You could use names, dates, quotes, geological coordinates, jokes, or lyrics to a song. Anything that is special between the two of you. Although most people decide to engrave the inside of the ring there is no rule that says you have to. Maybe you're feeling a little adventurous and decide to engrave your engagement ring on the outside.









Stone Inside Band

A simple classic touch is to add a stone on the inside of the ring. No one else will know the gemstone or diamond is there. Maybe you go for a birthstone. Another way to think about which gemstone is to consider properties they are said to possess. For instance emerald is considered the stone of prosperity. It represents vitality and growth. For that reason this would be a great stone to have placed near your skin. Amethyst is said to bring calm and clarity. Aquamarine is linked to courage and releasing of anxiety. Citrine promotes optimism. Pick a gemstone that works best for you and place it inside your engagement ring for a secret surprise.







Roman Numeral Band

An interesting trend that we've seen for wedding bands is to have the outside of the ring engraved with roman numerals or to take it up a notch and have the entire band be turned into roman numerals. This is a great idea, to have your wedding day proudly displayed on your finger. If you want to take it another step up you could even add diamonds in between the numerals or on the numbers themselves.






Unique Shapes

Another great way to show your style is by choosing an unconventional or unique shaped center stone. The heart and pear shapes have become very popular. Maybe she has a thing for flowers and you get her a cluster of diamonds in the shape of a flower. There is also a new trend of not only have one center stone but two. At this point almost any shape you can think of, you will certainly be able to find or create.





There are so many choices when it comes to engagement rings that you without question will be able to find the perfect ring. An engagement ring that feels special, personal, and beautiful all at once. Whatever you are looking for Privosa will be here to assist you.