Get Your Engagement Ring Ready: this Holiday Season, it's Time to Propose!

As people grow up, their dreams about getting engaged may change, but what is always consistent is wanting it to be fun and memorable. Proposing to someone around the holidays is a perfect way to make any proposal special. The festive mood, the fun lights, the family gatherings… The holiday magic lends itself nicely to planning the perfect proposal.

Here are some of the many ways that a holiday proposal would be perfect for you:


Finding the perfect place to propose is very important. Around the holidays, there will be beautiful lighting displays nearly everywhere, any of which can lend itself nicely to a proposal. If you live in a small town, consider talking to the team that plans the tree lighting and see if you can incorporate your proposal!


Some will want to have members of the family around when they propose. The holidays bring the family together, so it won’t seem suspicious if you were to plan a surprise proposal. You can exchange the rings during a special gathering with your family gathered around.


Even if you don’t celebrate during the holidays, many restaurants and stores will decorate more seasonally. Even a simple, quiet snowy night could be a perfect and memorable moment.


The holiday season is practically the best time of year to buy an engagement ring. Save your money on holiday sales by purchasing your ring when it is at a lower price. The saved money could go towards a weekend getaway at a snowy cabin… A perfect place to propose!


An engagement ring can be the best gift! Instead of something lavish and over the top, some may go the simple and sweet way by having the engagement ring wrapped as a gift.