Men's Wedding Bands: The Journey of Arriving At The Best One For Your Groom!

Modern wedding rings are more than a customary practice. Today, it is often about fashion and style. Finding the perfect ring band has become a primary part of preparing for nuptials. Today, men are taking this shiny marriage component more seriously than ever.


Now that the proposal has been made and the plans are in motion, it is time to pick the rings. Now, it can be challenging to find just the right wedding band for the bride, but it is even more tricky for the groom! The reason being is that women are more expressive about their likes and dislikes. Men tend to need a lot more encouragement.


This is not a new revelation, men and women are not hardwired the same. A woman may seek a platinum wedding band splashed with diamonds, and a man might want something simple and sleek. Since the ring will be worn all the time till death do you part, on the job, on vacation, at a party, everywhere, it only makes sense to choose a design that suits your style and daily life.


There is a wide variety of men’s wedding band styles available ranging from classic yellow gold to contemporary white gold or stunning titanium. The selection has certainly grown to meet the demand.

From the ethnic gold to the new age white gold and titanium, men' s wedding band has grown in options. Here are some of the best categories:

Yellow or White Gold: For the traditional man with classic tastes, yellow gold is the go-to metal of choice. If he has yellow undertones in his skin, a yellow gold wedding band would complement his complexion. But if the groom-to-be has pale skin, white gold is the better choice.

Tungsten: If your man is more concerned about practical features than cosmetic ones, tungsten is something to consider. The scratch resistant, durable metal offers an exotic look and a permanent polish. The shine never leaves, and the price is affordable. If he desires, the gunmetal tone can be plated easily with gold, black or white.

Silver: Classic looking sterling silver wedding bands offer a historical appeal. Perfect for the man who has an affinity for things of old. Silver rings come in a variety of widths and styles.

Platinum: Harder and more durable than gold, a platinum wedding band are for a groom with discriminating tastes. The sheen lasts for life and the edges will not chip away. The biggest obstacle is the price. But platinum rings are of superior quality. If you choose this style, be sure to look for a purity level of 95 percent. Anything less than 80 percent is not worth the expense. Be sure to get what you pay for when investing in a luxury wedding band.


Once he has decided on the best metal and the right design, it is time to select the perfect wedding band for the groom. This is a 2-step process:

  • Determine your budget and stay within the limits. Get the most bang for your buck by buying rings in pairs, look for seasonal discounts and decide which features are most important to you and plan costs accordingly.
  • Measure his finger to find the correct sized band. Do this a couple of times to be sure the measurement is correct. Choose the larger size if his measurement falls in the middle. 

Besides being an ornate piece of jewelry and a significant investment, your wedding bands are symbols of your love and commitment to one another. Therefore, it is important to not take the selection process lightly. By taking your time and following the appropriate guidelines, you both can find the perfect rings that will bring you joy every time you give them a glance.