The Best Wedding Gift Ideas

To go with the wedding registry, or not, that is the question. Registries are, of course, full of wedding gift ideas picked out by the bride and groom, but they are often so boring and impersonal. Not many couples will remember who bought them a gravy boat, blender or duvet set years after the wedding, but personalized wedding gifts are much more memorable.

The problem with many DIY wedding gifts is that they look a little bit too DIY and not professional enough. The challenge is to make something by hand, but also to make sure it is something the bride and groom will love. And let’s be honest, the bride is who we need to make happy the most! When looking for inspiration for fun DIY wedding gifts, look for something that the bride loves as a point of inspiration.

We’ve never met a bride that doesn’t love diamond wedding rings, so why not use them as the inspiration for the gift? Here are some of the best wedding gifts that you can make yourself:

Wedding Ring Shaped Picture Frame

If you don’t have the ability to cut wood or pour metal (most don’t), then look for a frame inspired by the shape and material of the engagement or wedding ring. If the rings are round, look for a round frame. If they are emerald cut, look for a rectangular frame with boxed off edges. Add embellishments such as ribbons or small gems to make it unique.

Personalized Ring Holders

So many people lose their wedding rings because they do not have a set place to put them. Creating a special and personalized his and hers wedding ring holder is cute and helpful! Start with a jewelry box or even two small ring boxes. Add color and decoration to the outside, so it really matches the bride and groom. They will love feeling safe with a home for their rings on their dresser.

This is only the beginning of possible ring-inspired DIY wedding gifts! There are plenty out there to explore, and a number of them that your recipient is sure to enjoy.