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Which Diamond Cut to Pick for Your Ladylove?

by Parth Jhaveri |

The perfect ring depends more on just the carat, color, cut and clarity; it depends on the person who is going to wear it. Different people like different shapes, and each one can evoke a different emotion in its wearer. If you know your partner well, then you might already have an idea of what shape would reflect her the best. In any case, let’s go over some of the cuts that might pique your interest and the interest of your love. These cuts not only are pleasing to the eyes in different ways, but reflect certain personality traits in the wearer.

Round cut

If your love interest likes traditional styles, then the round cut might be for her. It is the most common shape for engagement rings and there is really no way to go wrong here, unless your girl is extremely nontraditional, of course.

Princess cut

This cut is square with sharp corners, it’s generally considered fun and uplifting. There are many variations of the princess cut in many solitaire rings. If she is a fun and quirky kind, then the princess cut is an option.

Pear cut

A pear-cut diamond is a very unique cut. It is more than just “not-so-traditional”. This shape is good for diamond pendants or even a solitaire ring if your lady is brave, daring, and somewhat idiosyncratic.

Cushion cut

This cut is square but with rounded edges. It would be perfect for a delicate lady, or someone with a sweet and soft personality. It is a very interesting and attractive shape.

Heart cut

Someone who is truly caring, passionate, and full of love would be the perfect recipient of a heart cut diamond. This cut is fun, interesting, bold, and expresses personality uniquely beyond any other cut.

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