Top 5 Popular Engagement Ring Trends

Traditional diamond engagement rings are always in demand, also many couples want modern and customized designs. These couples like colorful gems, unusual metals or non-traditional bands.

There have been many noteworthy engagement ring styles introduced over the past couple of years. But, these five unique trends have stood out above the rest.

  • Round Diamonds in Cushion Halos: Halo engagement rings are nothing new, the designs have been very popular for several years. However, surrounding a round stone with a square or cushion-shaped frame is something special. A cushion shaped stone is very flattering on the hand, but people tend to prefer the sparkle of a brilliant round diamond. A round diamond in a cushion shaped halo offered the best of both styles in one seamless design.
  • Attention to Detail: An engagement ring is a symbol of your journey together and everlasting love. It may hold a special meaning for you. By adding a few subtle accents or an inscription, it might go unnoticed by others, but you will cherish and admire the piece even more. A customized ring is uniquely yours, with extra stones along the edge of the halo, a full pave wrap under the center stone or multiple rows of brilliant diamonds, the options are endless.
  • Rose Gold: Many people today want something off the beaten path, but not too crazy. What better way to create a unique style then to add color to your engagement ring? Platinum, white gold or yellow gold are industry standards, but rose gold is growing in popularity. The neutral tone is soft yet eye-catching, and not overpowering,
  • Oval Shaped Diamonds: No other diamond shape has catapulted in popularity like the oval cut has in recent years. Once considered an outdated style, this graceful elongated cut is no longer placed on the backburner. The larger real estate and long design flatters the hand and provides great versatility. The oval shaped diamond works well in any ring design thinkable, from 3-stone styles to micro-pave halos or frameless.
  • Floating Diamond Look: Two decades ago engagements rings appeared bulky and some quite gawdy. Today, it is all about dainty bands and having the center stone be the highlight of the ring. This is the floating diamond look, buyers want the illusion of the center stone suspended in the air. Having a slender band in contrast to the center stone makes the diamond appear more grandiose. Floating engagement ring designs are stunning with any diamond cut, set in any color metal.